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The Bargain Ragdoll Kitten


... and why to avoid one !!!


The bargain Ragdoll kitten, cheap Ragdoll kittens

OsoChic Ragdolls published, “Why to avoid cheap Ragdoll kittens”


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Have you seen an advert for a ‘cheap’ Ragdoll kitten?

On a pets 4 sale website, or a classified ad?


They’ve said there's no need to register the kitten as it’s not for 'show'


Then perhaps think again!!



  • 1 There is no such thing as a 'bargain' kitten. If the kitten is not registered with a governing cat body to validate its pedigree, then it’s a moggy! Only a pedigree kitten 'can' be registered.


  • 2 ALL genuine pedigree kittens should & can be registered, irrespective of quality!!! Pet/Show & Breeding quality kittens are themselves registered either on the ‘Active’ or ‘Non-Active’ register.


  • 3 How do you know if the parents have been tested for diseases? The minimum requirement is FIV/FeLV/HCM/PKD.

Gentic screening on each breeding cat is very expensive BUT very necessary). Not all cat illnesses are obvious or detectable so it makes sense to eliminate the ones that are. Can they provide actual paperwork for these tests?


  • 4 How do you know if the kittens' parents are themselves registered 'Active' pedigree Ragdoll cats? Have you asked the governing cat organisation? Is this breeder truly registered with them? If not - you’re being duped! As a kitten is only eligible for registration from pedigree 'Active' registered cats. Many unregistered breeders say the kitten's grand parents were registered or tested. And? This still doesn't make the kitten pedigree or parents tested clear for diseases.


  • 5 If an advert states ‘Free - you just pay transport’ - This is a scam !!! So many people have parted with money over the internet and waited patiently to receive their kitten………but it never arrived, because it never existed!!! The scammer simply found a cute kitten photo on the internet, passed it off as theirs & fabricated the sales advert! Usually there is a sob story added to tug at your heart strings involving the death of a loved one. These people have no moral code at all!


  • 6 Been offered a 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, or 11 week old Ragdoll kitten? No registered breeder is allowed to let their kittens go to their new homes before 12-13 weeks of age. Immunity isn’t adequately established before then and the bonding/learning process is vital between Mum and kitten in these last few weeks. So many people who purchase kittens too young end up with them getting life threatening illnesses or kittens/cats with aggression problems due to missing this vital stage in their development.


  • 7 ‘Pure’ Ragdoll, ‘genuine’ Ragdoll & ’full’ Ragdoll are descriptions unregistered breeders and scammers often use to replace ‘pedigree’, to try and fool you. Also very poor spelling in the advert should ring alarm bells as often scammers are from outside the UK.


  • 8 Beware advertisements stating ‘Top Quality’.... Is this statement validated, because the breeder ‘shows’ their Ragdoll cats? You can’t possibly know if cats are top quality if they are not assessed for ‘breed standard’ by appropriate cat bodies and as such gained certificates and show titles, for example, Champion, Grand Champion, Imperial etc.


  • And lastly PLEASE DON’T buy a kitten just because you feel sorry for them, because they look sick or malnourished. You may think you are doing the right thing by getting the kitten out of such an environment but you are simply lining the pockets of such dreadful human beings; I assure you, that sad kitten will quickly be replaced by another one in the same poor condition :( These hideous people seek only financial gain & simply don't care for their animals in any capacity. You will simply be encouraging them to continue this form of unscrupulous breeding.

PLEASE WALK AWAY- If your findings are disturbing, please contact your local RSPCA & report them.



When you buy a true pedigree kitten from a respected responsible known breeder, you don't buy THIS KITTEN …. but its parents tests, genetic tests, ultrasounds, x-rays, its parents' show titles/certificates, their vaccinations, pedigree, microchip, deworming/flea preventative treatments, veterinary checks, food and nutrition and 24/7 care until he/she goes to their new home!!!

You buy the knowledge, skills, commitment & research commensurate with the experience of the breeder. You buy the TIME, the EFFORT, the dedication and the LOVE that the ETHICAL breeder/exhibitor has given to your new kitten's life.


Good, reputable breeders have the health and wellbeing of their cats as their main concern.

They screen for genetic diseases & PKD, HCM, and inoculate against disease. They test for contracted diseases

like FIV and FeLV too. They feed the best diet possible and provide excellent vet care when ever required. They ensure queens are in the best optimum health before mating. Their cats are available to view when visiting any prospective kittens. All kittens are well socialised within the home environment and all that entails & NOT kept away in a cage.

They show their cats, (which is very costly), to ensure 'the correct breed standard & type' is being upheld & produced.

Their breeding cats are Active registered, meet the breed standard and therefore when they do have kittens, they are quality.

This is acknowledged through awards received from breed experts & professionals at attended shows.

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