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Our gorgeous Prince

Import - DK Cat2B Godic Griffindor DK (Ubba)

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OsoChic Ragdolls - We are a small 'Show Cat' family household, dedicated to preserving the fabulous characteristics and traits of the Ragdoll breed of cat. GCCF Registered Ragdoll Exhibitor

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Champion, Grand Champion & Imperial Grand Champion Lines

Blue Mitted

Registered GCCF Active

Registered GCCF Active & DNA tested,

HCM (R) and (MC) tested clear. PKD, FIV & FeLV negative.

Tests normal for Mucopolysaccharidos VI,

Spinal Muscular Atrophy & Progressive Retinal Atophy

HCM tested clear

PKD, FIV & FeLV negative



Ubba - We chose a strong Viking name as homage to his Danish roots, but he's affectionately known as Chubby Ubby.

He's our gorgeous new Prince and still has to mature before he is to sire any kittens.

We never thought we would find another boy with the temperament of Marley but Ubba certainly displays similar traits. He is the epitome of the Ragdoll Breed. We totally fell in love with him from the first sighting of him from Denmark; kindly entrusted by Dorina Coco Jacobsen of DK Cat2B.


He has an amazingly calm personality & possesses the classic 'floppy' nature. He's a chunky monkey and I'm very interested as to just how big he will be if he is ever to fit into his huge paws. As soon as he was handed to me from the airport he started purring and 'kneading dough' with his paws in happiness.

We can't wait to start his show career.

He truly is an exceptional boy & an excellent example of`the Ragdoll in nature & type.

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OsoChic Ragdolls tested for Feline FeLV, FIV, rdAC-PRA, SMA, MPS VI, HCM, PKD. Ragdoll kittens in Devon

Ragdoll kittens for sale in Devon,Ragdoll breeder in Devon,Ragdoll kittens in Devon. osochicragdolls.co.uk
Ragdoll kittens for sale in Devon,Ragdoll breeder in Devon,Ragdoll kittens in Devon. osochicragdolls.co.uk

Ubba's parents


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Seal Mitted


DK Cat2Be Disney's Daisy DK

Blue Cream Tabby Colour Point