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♥ About OsoChic Ragdolls

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Ragdoll Breeder Devon, Ragdoll Kittens for sale - OsoChic Ragdolls - osochicragdolls.co.uk

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About OsoChic Ragdolls, Ragdoll Breeder in Devon.

Caring for our Ragdoll Cats & Kittens within our family home, Ethically & Responsibly

Excellent feline Husbandry & a Holistic Car Approach.

Ragdoll cat for sale in South-West, Devon

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About OsoChic Ragdolls, Ragdoll Breeder in Devon


Caring for our Ragdoll cats & kittens within our family home, Ethically & Responsibly,

Excellent feline husbandry & a holistic care approach. GCCF Registered Ragdoll breeder & Ethical Service provider.

We Include, Adore & Nurture Our Precious GCCF Pedigree Ragdoll Kittens & Cats.

OsoChic's GCCF Pedigree Ragdoll cats & kittens

Our dolls & their bubs all live with us as part of the family. We recognise the importance of the first 13 weeks of a kitten's life & that's why we include, adore & nurture our kittens within our home. As a close family unit with extended family & friends we often enjoy the company of visitors, especially when we have little furries bobbing about the house! This enables our kittens to have positive social experiences with all age groups, which is vital for development & for when they transition to their new homes. 

We l♥ve the big, silky coated teddy-bear look!  Never forgetting the importance of preserving the Ragdolls best quality, the o-so coveted, relaxed & floppy temperament. Our truly scrumptious felines are cherished members of our family. We have managed successfully to balance health screening, feline husbandry & a typical loving home environment, promoting a holistic care approach. 

Why do we value widening the gene pool?

The Ragdoll breed was created in the 1960's, which is a very short amount of time in comparison to other more established breeds. This is why we believe widening the gene pool is so important for breeding & creating 'adaptability' & therefore 'survival'.  Charles Darwin in his Origin of Species had a lot to say on the subject & it is the bedrock of his theory of the survival of the fittest, & consequently evolution. The process of widening & strengthening a gene pool promotes health; so extremely important when that gene pool is so small due to its infancy. This is the very reason why our Ragdoll family have been imported from other countries. Admittedly, this is an expensive theory to put into practice as the costs are huge, but since valuing the diverse imported lines from strong boned, stunning, health tested, show quality Ragdolls, we have not only been rewarded with success on the show bench but also healthy, beautiful, kittens & of course established super friendships with other breeders worldwide.

Occasionally we have pedigree Ragdoll kittens for sale to approved loving homes.

We offer adorable, quality, registered GCCF Ragdoll kittens, in our bid to produce our next show hopeful. We strive to thoughtfully create not only beautiful, but healthy, true to type, well socialised kittens, with stunning blue eyes, soft plush coats & most loving dispositions.

Our prefix is OsoChic & our Ragdoll cats are on the 'Active Register'.  

We are a small GCCF registered Ragdoll breeder, striving to produce not only beautiful, but healthy, well socialised kittens; with stunningblue eyes, plush soft coats & most loving dispositions, that are 'true to type'with the classic looks & floppy nature. For the opportunity of reserving & owning an Osochic Ragdoll, please locate our 'Contact Us' page to complete our kitten application form .

OsoChic kittens are comical & loving regal rascals that delight in being entertained as much as being entertaining. Born & raised in our home as part of our family enables them to be used to being handled by all age groups.

Ragdoll cats make excellent house cats..... be warned though..... they are addictive!!!

In accordance with the GCCF code of practice 'if' we choose to breed this is done so in accordance with their regulations. Our queen is paired with our boy & placed in one room with supervision for a few days. When pregnant she will have free rein of the house again. When the time is near she will start to nest so she is in a totally stress free, hygienic, comfortable & a familiar setting. Kittens are raised in this quiet environment until 4 weeks of age, at which point they can explore the play room. At eight weeks old they are mature enough to explore further. They remain with us until around 13 weeks.


At OsoChic we believe it’s our moral values & integrity, & our actions, that makes us an ethical breeder.

We are committed to being ethical; applying standards of behaviour & practice to our conduct. This, the undeniable beauty & temperament of our glorious Ragdolls, their kittens & all the wonderful reviews we've received over the years from families that now have their very own OsoChic kitten/s, are the best endorsement possible.

Any remuneration goes into supporting our love of this breed; providing our cats & their kittens with all they need for a full & enriched life through supplemented nutrition, quality food, stimuli, holistic health, veterinary care, disease testing/prevention & health screening,inoculations, & exhibiting. We also support the Ragdoll welfare organisations caring for abandoned/elderly Ragdolls.

We are always happy to offer help, advice & mentoring, to those who adopt a 'show quality' Ragdoll kitten from us.