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GCCF Judges Comments - Osochic Ragdolls

 GCCF Judges Comments

OsoChic Ragdolls - Imperial Grand Champion, Kiwimagic, Our Best Kept Secret

Ragdoll cats & kittens in Devon

 Imperial Grand Champion - Kiwimagic Our Best Kept Secret  

 A well grown and very pleasing kitten of overall excellent type and balance:

for such a young age he shows a remarkable degree of maturity.

Well balanced head of very good type and overall appearance.  Ears of perfect size,

very well shaped and correctly set. Good sturdy legs with strong bone, large rounded paws.

Tail of correct length for balance. Coat of excellent length and texture, well-marked.

A delightful natured lad, in excellent firm condition and very well prepared.

A very promising youngster indeed. 

 I was delighted to award him  'Best Kitten in Show' 

  – an award he justly deserved. 

Judge - Mr J Harrison

 A well grown and confident young lad. Of excellent weight and substance.

Lovely expression to his eyes which were large and well opened with a pleasing

blue developing. Very nice texture to his coat which has good overall length.

Mask is a warm seal brown with his chin, bib chest and tummy being white.

Very nice even mittens and rear legs have white up to the hocks.

Presented in excellent condition and happy and relaxed when being handled.

Judge - Miss C Lewis

 This Seal Mitted boy has good size & very good preparation to silky coat. Quite broad head

with flat plane, medium size well placed ears having slight forward tilt with rounded tip.

Matching white mittens to front paws, back paws white up to hocks.

Points of seal brown are quite well matched, body coat beige with very slight shading.

Well mannered youngster with a pleasant temperament.

Judge - Mrs L Dutton

 A super seal mitted Ragdoll who was a real sweetie and never stopped purring.

He had very good head structure with a broad flat plane separating his medium sized ears

with a good forward tilt, excellent breadth to the cheeks and a well developed rounded

muzzle with a level bite and a strong chin.

The forget-me-not blue eyes were large,

well shaped and set wide and slightly oblique. The white mittens were low and scalloped &

matching, and the white on the chin extended along the tummy to the level of the hocks on

the back legs. A confident and outgoing young cat.

Judge - Mrs A Lyall

 A young and handsome lad, who is still developing.  Very good head shape, with lovely

contours already, very nice depth to the blue eye colour. He is a good size and weight for his

age, still filling out. I did prefer his type to the second placed Ragdoll, hence the placings of FIRST.

Judge - Mrs Culf

 Super type to this very promising young man who was well prepared

& has the sweetest disposition. I shall watch his career with interest.

Judge - Mrs D Stone

 Young adult with much to recommend him.

Medium sized forward tilted ears separated by a flat plane, excellent expressive blue eyes,

gentle dip to the proportionate length nose, level bite and rounded muzzle.

Well grown body for his age supported by medium length legs and balanced by a full tail.

Full coat nicely separated and with dense seal points; scalloped gloves, white chin and

under to the tail, rear legs white to the hocks, paler beige shading to the body fur.

One to watch!

Judge - Mr K Scruton

 Excellent body and head ; very harmonious. Super blue eyes colour. Body in development–

excellent seal mitted pattern. Medium soft and dense coat.

Judge - Mr Lubrano



 Seal Mitted Ragdoll. Very aptly named, this boy was fast asleep under his blanket when we

arrived at his pen, it was not until he came out that we really saw what a gorgeous boy he is.

A really large muscular male with a very strong broad head of excellent breadth, 

well filled cheeks and a good definition to the rounded muzzle. Well marked mitted pattern.

Beautifully presented dense silky coat, ruff and knickerbockers well developed. 

A quiet gentle boy, initially a little shy, though he really knew how to perform when required.

Judge - Mrs D Butters


 A male of very good overall type and conformation. Head of very good shape,

balance and overall type. Coat of excellent length and texture with excellent markings. 

Excellent temperament and condition. I do think that this lad will continue to develop as

he matures and will be a force to be reckoned with.

This lad is well up to the required standard for this high award. 

A beautiful chap, well presented, and a real pleasure to judge.

 Did I hesitate over awarding the Imperial? Not for one second!!  

Judge - Mr J Harrison

Ragdoll kittens in devon. Osochic Ragdolls. osochicragdolls.co.uk
Ragdoll kittens in devon. Osochic Ragdolls. osochicragdolls.co.uk
Imperial grand champion kiwimagic our best kept secret
Ragdoll kittens in devon. Osochic Ragdolls. osochicragdolls.co.uk

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