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OsoChic Ragdolls  

Ragdoll kittens for sale in Devon.

Ragdoll Breeder in Devon.

GCCF Registered.

PRBCC members.

Exhibitor of Show Quality Ragdoll Kittens & Cats in Newton Abbot, Devon. UK

Ragdoll Breeder in Devon http://osochicragdolls.co.uk

Ragdoll Kitten Purchase Guide in Devon. OSOCHIC RAGDOLLS -Excellent Animal Husbandry Practices. GCCF Pedigree. Ragdoll kittens for sale in Devon. Ragdoll Breeder in Devon.



Ragdoll Cat Breeder in Devon.

Ragdoll breeder in Newton Abbot Devon.   

Ragdoll Kittens in Devon. Ragdoll Breeder in Devon. Ragdoll Breeder.

Breeder of Ragdolls. Breeder of Ragdoll. Ragdoll Breeders

.Ragdoll breeders in Devon.

Ragdoll breeder in Newton Abbot Devon. Ragdoll kittens Devon. http://osochicragdolls.co.uk
Osochic Ragdolls https://plus.google.com/+OsochicragdollsCoUkkittens
RAGDOLL KITTENS DEVON from http://osochicragdolls.co.uk

RAGDOLL KITTENS IN DEVON. RAGDOLL KITTENS FOR SALE IN DEVON. Excellent Animal Husbandry Practices. Ragdoll kitten purchase guide @ OSOCHIC RAGDOLLS.

RAGDOLL BREEDER IN DEVON. GCCF. Ragdoll Kittens in Devon. Excellent Animal Husbandry.

Ragdolls for sale in Devon.

Osochic Ragdolls. RAGDOLL KITTENS IN DEVON. GCCF Responsible Breeder Scheme.

Ragdoll Kittens for sale in Newton Abbot Devon.


Osochic Ragdolls. RAGDOLL KITTENS FOR SALE IN DEVON. GCCF Responsible Breeder Scheme. CHAMPION SIRED Kittens.

Ragdoll Kitten Adoption Guide

 Guidelines to Advise & Protect you when buying a genuine, registered, pedigree, Ragdoll Kitten.

Osochic Ragdolls kitten guide

OsoChic Ragdolls, Finding Good Ragdoll breeders. Ragdoll Kitten purchase Guide, by OsoChic RAGDOLLS

About Ragdoll Kitten Breeders.

Ragdoll Kitten for sale in Devon. Ragdoll Breeder in Devon. 

GCCF Responsible Breeder Scheme.

Guidelines to protect you when buying a Pedigree Ragdoll

. Ragdoll Breeder in Newton Abbot Devon.

 RAGDOLL KITTENS for sale in DEVON. http://osochicragdolls.co.uk .Ragdoll Breeder in Devon. Osochic Ragdolls.

Ragdoll Kittens in Devon.  Purchase Guide.  OSOCHIC RAGDOLLS. RAGDOLL BREEDER DEVON

  • If you are unsure if a breeder is registered;  Ask for proof of registration.  If they won't supply this, go elsewhere.              

  • With whom is the breeder registered?  You can check this yourself.  ( To check if truly GCCF, tel'  01278 427575 ).

  • If advertised, 'HCM tested';  ask to see the original paperwork as proof, a good breeder will not be offended. (ensure the actual kittens' parents are tested & not just the grand parents!)

  • If advertised;  'parents tested for PKD, FiV & FeLV';   ask for proof  & check the cats names correlate with the 'parents' of your kitten. A good breeder will not be offended.
  • If advertised as a rare colour;  ask to see the colour DNA genetics certificate. Is it possible to get that colour kitten from the potential kittens parents? Click here for Link to a 'Ragdoll kitten colour predictor' to help you find out. 

    • If advertised as a 'closed' cattery;  This term means the breeder ONLY breeds from the cats in residence at their property & does NOT allow their stud boy to mate other females, or their females to mate with other stud cats, outside of their cattery.

    • No reputable breeder will sell a kitten without;  kitten having received its FULL course of kitten vaccinations.

    • When purchasing a Pedigree kitten, you should receive; a three, four or five generation pedigree certificateIt should be properly completed & signed by the breeder showing all the breed numbers & registration numbers of all the cats within the lineage,  ensure it includes the breeder's name & address.

    • When purchasing a genuine Pedigree kitten, you should receive; a Registration Certificate from the governing body the breeder is registered to, with all the kitten's registered details included on it. 

    • The Sales Contract; This can look quite official but these are rules applied by a breeder to protect the cat, the breeder's reputation & the breeding bloodlines. Read it through & ask the breeder to explain anything you don't understand.

    • Ensure you're given;  a receipt. 

    • If a breeder advertises GCCF Ragdoll kittens;  but attempts to persuade you to have the kitten as unregistered, or to have kitty registered to something else, question their ethics. Sadly people lacking integrity use GCCF in their adverts as a lure & are not members.

    • You have to have BOTH kitten's parents;  registered with the GCCF on their active register to get a GCCF kitten!

    • When did the mother of the kitten last have a litter?  Some breeders over breed their queens, so don’t allow their breeding queens enough time to recover & replenish to their optimum physical state.

    • What is the animal husbandry like of the breeder? Is it clean? Litter trays empty? Is there an overwhelming cat smell? Do the adult cats look clean, content, healthy & groomed? Are they part of the family indoors? Are they sociable & friendly?

    • The more research you can do before choosing your pedigree cat;  the more likely you will find a reputable, ethical & honest breeder to purchase your kitten/cat from. Good breeders will operate from a suitable, hygienic, homely location & will offer a full history of the condition, health & lineage of the kittens & cats they have.

    • Never go from one breeder to another; without washing your hands thoroughly & changing your clothing, as you could cause cross infection/contamination, especially regarding little ones. We prefer you choose a different day entirely please.

    • When you are deciding on a kitten;  Give kitty a discreet look over, check the ears, eyes, nose & bottom. Never buy a kitten with discharge coming from any of these areas. The kitten's coat should look & feel healthy; you should not see or feel any dry skin or scabs. Gently blow the hair on the back from the tail to the neck to see if free of fleas. Flea poo looks like tiny black/brown flecks. If you are in doubt, walk away. A kitten should be clean, playing happily, bright eyed & bushy tailed, not listless or grubby.

             The responsibility of owning a new kitten.


                For the kitten's life to ensure you;

    • Vaccinate appropriately.
    • Allow proper vet care when sick or injured (if in doubt, always seek advice from your vet).
    • Maintain a proper worming & flea regime.
    • Keep kitties claws clipped. If unsure ask your vet to show you.
    • Provide regular, appropriate meals with a constant supply of fresh water.
    • Provide a clean & comfortable bed.
    • Provide clean, regularly emptied litter trays.
    • Provide a safe & stimulating environment.
    • Provide plenty of human companionship.


                  In addition; ...... As the new owner of a OsoChic Ragdoll Kitten;

    • Keep your kitten in a quiet room for 72 hours to let them settle in. (absolutely NO introductions to any other animals).
    • Do not let young children over fuss or overwhelm.
    • Allow kitty to rest, sleep, eat & drink; this is imperative to their development & wellbeing.
    • Introduce other pets 'after' one week & then gradually over a few weeks period.
    • Acknowledge Ragdolls are indoor cats.
    • Insure kitty after free period for at least three years of age with same cover guarantees.
    • Adhere to our Sales Contract.
    • Gently groom kitty once a week.
    • A great bonus is a secure, easily cleaned (daily), garden enclosure so they can enjoy the fresh air with shelter.
    • To provide a varied diet of appropriate nutritional foods - dried, wet meat pouches & cooked fresh foods (& some raw if possible).

    * Please note ; A good breeder will always ask questions about you, your home & the environment that kitty will potentially be     going to; this is because we have raised our kittens from birth & want to make sure they go to the best possible homes,

    so please do not be offended.

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