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OsoChic Ragdolls Kitten Package

OsoChic Ragdolls, Ragdoll breeder in Devon

We provide a quality package for your peace of mind. We are members of the GCCF Responsible Breeder Scheme.

OsoChic Ragdolls Kitten Adoption Package

We provide a quality service for your peace of mind

GCCF Responsible Ragdoll breeder of registered Ragdoll cats & kittens.

GCCF Responsible Breeder Scheme

All our Ragdoll cats are health screened 

Our active registered Ragdoll cats are tested for the one known Ragdoll HCM gene, PKD, FiV & FeLV & are fully inoculated to have the best possible chance of a long healthy, happy life. Parents are on the GCCF Active Register validating their eligibility to breed. 

Our prefix OsoChic is registered with the GCCF & we're members of their Responsible Breeder Scheme.  Our kittens are engaging, playful, intelligent, loving & confident & are well socialised with all aspects of a busy household, from hoovers to children & even dogs. Our blue eyed beauties love nothing more than purring, adoring you & fooling around.

OsoChic kittens are comical & loving regal rascals that delight in being entertained as much as being entertaining. Born & raised in our home as part of our family enables them to be used to being handled by all age groups. 

Ragdolls as a breed are more confident yet laid back than other breeds, so cope well with usual household noises,to the point of nonchalance, eg "don't look at us, it's your mess............ but we still love you" 

Ragdoll cats make excellent house cats.....  be warned though.....   they are addictive!!!

Osochic Ragdolls Review

We prefer our kittens to go to families with the time to devote to them as they are such a sociable breed & adore human company.  

If work commitments restrict this then 2 kittens would be advised. 


We are a small GCCF registered Ragdoll breeder, striving to produce not only beautiful, but extremely healthy, well socialised kittens; with stunningblue eyes, plush soft coats & most loving dispositions, that are 'true to type' with the classic looks & floppy nature.

For the opportunity of reserving & owning an Osochic Ragdoll,  please locate our 'Contact Us' page to complete our 'kitten application form'.