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The Ragdoll Cat Characteristics

What are Ragdoll Cats like? Why Ragdoll Cats are Indoor Cats

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The Ragdoll Cat Breed


What are Ragdoll Cats like?

Why are Ragdoll Cats indoor cats?

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Characteristics of the Ragdoll Cat

The Ragdoll is a large, blue-eyed, colour-pointed cat. Their size, blue eyes & captivating appearance certainly make them stand out. They are equally cherished for their calm & loving disposition. The Ragdoll is extremely sociable, thriving on human companionship. They are often found following their owners room to room or quietly cuddled up on the lap of their human companions.

They are extremely kind, loyal & trusting & make the best of pets for young & old alike. Ragdoll cats are semi-long haired, although only usually require brushing regularly once weekly due to their single coat which feels like soft rabbit fur.  However, they do shed hair in Spring & Autumn. In clement whether a secure garden enclosure is of benefit for 'experiencing the elements' for short periods . A Ragdolls size will usually range from 8-14 lbs for a female and 14-20 lbs for a male. Ragdolls will generally reach full maturity for size & colour at around 3-4 years.

They usually get along with most other household pets with the proper introduction. Known for being an extremely intelligent breed, the Ragdoll cat is a quick learner & eager to please. This makes them very biddable & very easy to train. It is not uncommon to hear of Ragdolls that have learnt to fetch! You can easily train your Ragdoll as well with proper positive reinforcement & rewards.

This should make teaching them to stay off high surfaces, not to scratch furniture etc, a fairly simple task with proper encouragement. We willingly start this process for you whilst they are with us as, to give the best chance of every family being thrilled with their new addition.

Known to be quieter vocally by comparison to some of the more talkative breeds such as the Siamese. Ragdolls instead make a super 'chirrup' noise, which is very endearing & they respond well if you master talking back with the same chirrup noise! Sometimes enabling you to have a complete conversation! lol. They are extremely devoted to their owners, a Ragdoll will want to be part of everything you do. Although Ragdolls are fairly docile they do still love to play!

Our kitties love nothing more than to bat a fluffy toy or have a little ball to carry around in their mouths. It is advised to provide your Ragdoll with stimulating toys that will arouse their interest & amuse; to encourage physical & emotional wellbeing.

Why are Ragdoll Cats indoor cats?

Their docile & non-aggressive personality makes it hard for them to fend for themselves outdoors. They have no road sense. They happily make friends with strangers which unfortunately makes them desirable to thieves! They are not good at defending themselves against other outdoor cats in the neighbourhood.