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Older Ragdoll Cats for sale in Devon - Osochic Ragdolls

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Excellent Animal Husbandry. GCCF Responsible Breeder Scheme.

On occasion, OsoChic retire an adult cat from our breeding program.

When this happens we seek a new loving forever home for her to join.

As we do not over breed our Queens they are usually retired after 3 or 4 litters. Unfortunately it simply would not be sensible to keep a spayed female cat for the following reasons;

We believe there are other special families that will love our Ragdolls as much as we do.

On a practical note, the more cats you have, the greater the risk of infection. We do not over breed our Queens, so retiring them is unavoidable. We retire while still fairly young so they can still enjoy the majority of their life with their new families, thus avoiding rescue centres. Most importantly, they can have a long and happy life without the bother of a hormone led environment.

Often neutered girls can be rejected by the rest of the clan as they no longer 'fit' into the makeup of the established hierarchy here, so it's actually a kindness.

We believe this enables them to enjoy the majority of their life taking it easy,

where they can continue to thrive and receive the attention and devotion they deserve.

We charge a smaller fee for our retiring girls that covers the spaying costs and health checks but we do still require an application form to be completed and the same rigorous checks will be undertaken to ensure any potential adoptees are perfect candidates for owning a retiring OsoChic Adult Ragdoll cat.


Do you long for a Ragdoll Cat?

Have you the time & willingness to offer an older Ragdoll cat a stable loving home?

Then this wonderful charity may be the answer to your dreams!

Contact Alison at Ragdoll Rescue UK

The one off journey to their location is so worth the years of love you'll receive

and for such a small cost; all of which goes back into caring for the ones left in their care

still awaiting adoption.

Click on the link below


Ragdoll Breeder Devon, Ragdoll Kittens for sale - OsoChic Ragdolls - osochicragdolls.co.uk