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Ragdoll kittens for sale in Devon.Ragdoll Breeder in Devon.

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The Cheap or UNregistered Ragdoll Kitten ... and why to avoid one !

Cheap Ragdoll Kittens for sale
OsoChic Ragdolls, Ragdoll kittens in Devon.

The Unregistered 'backyard' Kitten... And why to avoid one !

OSOCHIC Ragdolls" The importance of choosing REGISTERED, pedigree, RAGDOLL kittens, Avoid Unregistered!

Is it important to find a Registered Ragdoll breeder?

After all, you just want a pet, right? Then perhaps think again !

The breeder says they don't register kittens as they're not for 'show', &  just want them to be family pets!!  

They say the parents are health tested but have no genetic testing certificates to validate this statement. Or if they have tested they don't know the kittens Grandparents (as problems can skip a generation). They offer no Registration certificate, or authentic pedigree paperwork or proof of health screening. Kitten is sold under age & perhaps not even fully vaccinated and offer no receipt of purchase.

You've seen an advert for an 'unregistered’ Ragdoll, with no pedigree papers?  On line, On a pets 4 homes website, a classified ad' or facebook?

People are being scammed or experiencing heartache because their unregistered kitty has become seriously ill, or doesn't have the characteristics the breed.

Registered breeders know their cats ancestry, ensuring kittens bred are NOT genetically compromised, bred from non Ragdolls, or HCM affected lines. 

Look for a Registered Breeder

Research recognised cat organisations with a code of ethics that Registered Breeders have to abide by, or are held to account if they don't. Don't buy from a Registered Breeder that won't register a kitten! They are not allowed to do this!  And can be fined for doing so.

How to avoid buying an unregistered kitten

- All pedigree kittens can and should be registered.  Not all kittens look sick!  But, many of them fall sick before a year old as underline conditions are not obvious when little.

- Always ask to see proof of any tests performed, and pedigree paperwork of the breeding cats.

- Only 'Active' registered pedigree cats should be used for breeding.

- If a kitten advert says ‘Free to good home, you just need to pay the transport costs’ This is a scam! So many people have parted with money over the internet and waited to receive their kitten………but it never arrived, that's because, it never existed! 

- Ragdoll Kittens must receive ALL kitten vaccinations with the breeder,  & not leave them until a week after their last vaccination.

- ‘Pure’ Ragdoll & ’full’ Ragdoll, are terms UNnregistered breeders use to replace ‘registered’ in adverts, to try and fool you. 

- DO NOT buy shabby, sick or malnourished kittens just because you feel sorry for them, You may think you are doing the right thing by getting the kitten out of the situation as the need to rescue is strong but that sad kitten will quickly be replaced by another with the same fate. You will be perpetuating a cycle of sadness. These people only care about money not their kittens/cats. - - Your actions  simply encourage them to continue this form of abuse and unscrupulous breeding.

- WALK AWAYIf your findings are disturbing, contact their cat registration & RSPCA and report them 'officially'.

    When you buy a genuine pedigree kitten from a responsible registered breeder, you don't buy just 'this' kitten

    You're actually buying its parents health tests, genetic tests, ultrasounds, x-rays, its parents' show titles/certificates,

    the kittens vaccinations, registration, pedigree, microchip, parasite preventative treatments, veterinary checks, food & nutrition & 24/7 commitment. You buy knowledge & skill, commensurate with their experience. You buy round the clock time, effort, dedication & love  an ethical registered breeder has given to each & every kitten born. Reputable, Registered, Ragdoll Breeders have the health & wellbeing of their cats & kittens as their main priority, screen for genetic diseases, & vaccinate. They test for contractable diseases like FiV and FeLV also. They feed the best diet possible & provide excellent vet care when required. They ensure queens are in optimum health before mating. Their cats are available to view when visiting any prospective kittens. All kittens are well socialised within the home environment and their breeding cats are all on the Active register. You buy after sales care & support, for the kittens' lifetime!